How do I change the drawing background colour in SOLIDWORKS Electrical?

Article by Justin Flett updated August 30, 2017


SOLIDWORKS Electrical has a number of interface and graphics customization options to help users define and customize to their exact preferences. One of the most commonly asked questions I receive from newer users of SOLIDWORKS Electrical is…

“How do I change the SOLIDWORKS Electrical drawing background colour?”

Many traditional CAD systems use a dark drawing background as it is generally easier on the eyes than bright coloured backgrounds. In SOLIDWORKS Electrical we of course can change our drawing background colours, and a number of other useful options as well!

To customize the interface and graphics I navigate to Tools > Interface Configuration which will open my Interface configuration window. From here I jump into the ‘Graphic options’ tab and customize:

  • The ‘drawing background colour that works best for me.
  • The Pick-box size or cross-hair percentage. Many people will find it useful to have the cross-hair set to 100% of screen size as this can help line up symbols and wiring in your schematics.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Drawing Background Colour

Electrical Graphical Options

Within this graphics options tab I can customize a number of interface settings to my own personal preferences to help me optimize my electrical design productivity.

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