SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 Dismiss Message

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE created/updated September 15, 2017

New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 is the ability to dismiss pop-up messages.  For example every time you re-mesh a model after the study had already been solved, you get the pop-up warning that the previous results would be deleted.  You can now select ‘Do not show again’ so it no longer keeps coming up on future re-mesh situations.  Of course you will need to remember that it will delete any previous results when re-meshing.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Dismiss Message Option

Dismiss Message Option

If you have incorrectly set a SOLIDWORKS Simulation Dismiss Message, it can be re-enabled through the Simulation system options (Simulation > Options > System Options tab).

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 Undo Dismissed Messages

Undo Dismissed Messages

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