Working with Assigned Folder Permissions in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated November 18, 2017


SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018 now allows Administrators greater flexibility and control when working with Assigned Folder Permissions.

Previously, each folder had to be assigned permissions one at a time.  Starting with 2018 however, multiple folders can be selected at a time and their permissions set.

To select multiple folders you can either:

  • Hold down Ctrl and click to select multiple individual folders.
  • Hold down Shift and click to select multiple folders in order together.
  • Left Click and Drag to select multiple folders.
Assigned Folder Permissions

Assigned Folder Permissions


When multiple folders are selected, the Permissions checkboxes may display one of three different ways:

An empty check box:  This indicates that this permission has not been set on any of the selected folders.

A check box filled with a green square:  This indicates that the permission has been set on at least one of the selected folders.

A checked box:  This indicates that the permission has been set on all of the selected folders.

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