eDrawings 2016 Improves Your Design Collaboration and Communication [VIDEO]

Article by Rod Mackay updated September 25, 2015


Downstream visualization of information is critical to engineering. The eDrawings 2016 release offers a number of enhancements that will make it easier for recipients of eDrawings to understand and interrogate your product design information. Discover the new enhancements by watching the video below:

eDrawings 2016 Enhancements Highlights

Here is a summary of just a few of the new enhancements in eDrawings 2016:

Include Component Descriptions

If you saved component descriptions with your models in SOLIDWORKS then the eDrawings Components pane will include those descriptions. This helps recipients of your eDrawings to better understand the components in your assembly. When you save the model in SOLIDWORKS using either the component name, component description, or both, eDrawings uses the same settings.

To view a component description in assembly eDrawings click Components on the toolbar and the descriptions will be visible as shown below:

eDrawings 2016 Component Descriptions

eDrawings 2016 Component Descriptions

To hide/show component descriptions, click Options. In the options dialog box, on the General tab, you’ll find a Show Component Descriptions check box to control the display.

Exploded Views Slider

A nice addition to eDrawings is the inclusion of a slider to control exploded views. With an assembly open in eDrawings, click Explode from the toolbar. Use the slider to control how much to explode the view.

In eDrawings you can also explode components aligned radially or cylindrically about an axis. Just save a radial exploded step in your SOLIDWORKS model.

eDrawings 2016 Exploded View

eDrawings 2016 Exploded View

View Intersection Zones in Section Views & Model Break Views

When you save section views with intersection zones or create model break views in SOLIDWORKS software, you can now see those views in eDrawings 2016.

  • Save the zonal section view in SOLIDWORKS and then in eDrawings select the View Orientation button and choose the saved view. As shown below the zoned section view will be displayed.
  • Insert a Model Break View in SOLIDWORKS and then in eDrawings select the MBV button to display the view.
eDrawings 2016 Zonal Section View

eDrawings 2016 Zonal Section View

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS 2016

To learn more about the latest eDrawings release you can watch a recording of our SOLIDWORKS 2016 Launch Broadcast.

Launch Broadcast Recording

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