Why is the SOLIDWORKS PDM Update Variable greyed out when using Set Revision?

Article by Justin Williams updated April 10, 2018


A question I run into often while on tech support is:

“Why is the SOLIDWORKS PDM Update Variable checkbox greyed out when using the Set Revision tool?”

SOLIDWORKS PDM Update Variable disabled

Set Revision – Update Variable Greyed Out

The minimum permissions required to use Set Revision are;

  • Folder Permission
    • Set Revision
  • State Permission
    • Set Revision

But to also update the variable will require;

  • Folder Permission
    • Check out file
  • State Permission
    • Check out file
Set Revision - Update Variable - Required Permissions

Set Revision – Update Variable – Required Permissions

With the Check out file permission added, you’ll be able to also update the variable when using Set Revision;

Set Revision - Update Variable - Complete

Set Revision

If you’re of the mindset that the Check out file permissions shouldn’t be necessary to update the variable, you’re not alone.  There’s an existing enhancement request to have this requirement removed;

SPR# 898366: ‘Set Revision’ feature should not require ‘Check Out File’ permission to increment revision without update to variable (data card).

If this sounds appealing, you can vote on this via the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.

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