How to attach additional leader lines to SOLIDWORKS Balloons

Article by Bryan Sprange, CSWE updated April 9, 2018


Does your company require you to have every part in a drawing identified to avoid confusion? This blog post will show you how to identify every item in your drawing view without requiring extra SOLIDWORKS balloons.

When you identify every item in an assembly drawing do your views end up looking like the example below where most of the drawing space is taken up by balloons? This method leaves little room for additional information such as dimensions or annotations.

Messy drawing views containing SOLIDWORKS Balloons

Having multiple copies of balloons can be very messy

Another way to detail these parts without requiring additional balloons is to simply drag out another leader line from the existing item call out.

Use one Balloon to create multiple leader lines

Use CTRL to drag the blue dot to another instance of the item

Once the balloon is selected, hold CTRL while clicking and dragging the blue box at the end of the leader line over to another instance of the same component. This works with multiple components within one drawing view, and also between drawing views.

Cleaner drawing view with one balloon feeding multiple instances

With all instances of an item detailed from one balloon, more space is left for adding dimensions or annotations while keeping the drawing view organized.

Finish your drawing view by adding even more detail with a quantity value on the balloon.

Quantity values may be added to ensure full clarity

Quantity values may be added to ensure full clarity

Learn more SOLIDWORKS Balloons techniques

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