Structural Analysis is a breeze with SOLIDWORKS Simulation software!

Article by Sam Sharkawi updated April 25, 2018


Linear Structural Analysis can be very costly and time consuming depending on the route you’re taking, especially if tests are being carried out on physical models!

Undertaking virtual prototyping instead of testing a physical model provides huge time and cost savings!

Linear Structural Analysis is available in SOLIDWORKS Premium and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard software.

Simulation is integrated directly within SOLIDWORKS which makes going from design to Simulation an easy couple clicks.

Setting up analysis studies takes no time at all and even includes advisers to help at every step! For example, if you are unsure of how to define a fixture, the adviser provides a nice step-by-step process!

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Advisor

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Adviser

By using SOLIDWORKS, structures such as frames and sheet metal can be analyzed by using Linear static and get a finalized report of stresses in a matter of minutes!

The software in unbelievably flexible where if Weldments or profiles are being used for structural analysis, solid bodies turn into beams.

Structural beam recognized

Structural beam recognized

The step-by-step process is smooth and hassle-free. How the model is fixed, and what’s happening to the model are two important questions and the tools inside of Simulation are helpful and make a complicated process such as FEA not so complicated.

You’ll receive some amazing visual results:

Structural Analysis results

Structural Analysis results

Whether you’re dealing with structures, product design, or need to validate any design, SOLIDWORKS Simulation is the perfect tool and can do almost anything being thrown at it! For more information or to see a demonstration please contact us!

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