SOLIDWORKS PDM Permission Assignments Tool

Article by Justin Williams updated July 9, 2018


If you’ve had the honor of being named the local vault administrator then it’s extremely likely that someone has approached you regarding their SOLIDWORKS PDM Permission Assignments:

“I need to be able to <Fill in the blank>, but I can’t.  <Random Name> can, but I’m not allowed.  Why is life so unfair?”

Previously as a vault administrator, it was a constant subject at my desk.  I would often be looking in the vault permissions, checking who had permission to do what and whether I needed to add a group to a folder permission of a new folder.  Within the Administration Tool, there’s a SOLIDWORKS PDM Permission Assignments tool that will allow you to quickly look at a vault folder, and see which groups have permissions assigned to it.

Permission Assignments

  • Administration Tool > [Vault Name] > Groups
    • Right-Click > Permission Assignments
Admin Tool > Groups > Right-Click > Permission Assignments

Group Permission Assignments

  • Select the folder you’re interested in;
Permission Assignments Dialog Box

Permission Assignments

  • Folders – Lists the folders in the vault
  • Groups with permissions – Lists the groups or users that have permissions for the selected folder

This allows us to quickly see which groups have permissions assigned to a specific folder, without opening each group properties dialog separately.

Note: Permission Assignments is also available at the User level via the Administration Tool, but as a general rule (outside of the admin user) we recommend only assigning permissions at the group level


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