Perfectly Symmetric SOLIDWORKS Linear Pattern!

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated August 7, 2018


Ever wanted to create that perfect symmetric SOLIDWORKS Linear Pattern which:

  • Is symmetric about the midplane of the part
  • Is driven by number of instances, regardless of spacing.  Let SOLIDWORKS do the math!
  • Does not require sketch edits when changing between odd and even number of instances
  • Has specified offsets from the edges of the part

…well, you can and here’s how!

  1. Place the seed feature at one end of the pattern-to-be, specifying offset from edge of part.  Remember the offset (10mm in this step) as you will re-use that number in the next step.
Seed feature

Seed feature

  1. Create a linear pattern with settings per the picture below.  Note: you must select the features to pattern before choosing the reference edge in purple.  Note the re-use of the 10mm dimension, similar to step 1, to ensure that the seed and last instance both use the same offset from both edges of the part.

    Up to reference

    Property settings for the Linear Pattern

  2. Now edit the length of the part to suit:

    Adjusted length of part

  3. Finally, edit the number of pattern instances to suit.  See how the pattern symmetry is maintained about the midplane of the part, regardless of number of instances, or odd/even numbers!

    Adjusted pattern # of instances



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John Lee, CSWE

John Lee is inherently lazy in that he prefers to work smarter - not harder. A CSWE with fifteen years of experience using SOLIDWORKS and a background in mechanical design, John has used SOLIDWORKS in various industries requiring design for injection molding, sheet metal, weldments and structural steel.