Organizing SOLIDWORKS PDM Dispatch Menu Commands

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated September 4, 2018


SOLIDWORKS PDM Dispatch is a very powerful tool in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

However as the number of Dispatch Actions grows, the right-click shortcut menu list can get larger and larger, as shown below:

SOLIDWORKS PDM Dispatch Menu getting large

SOLIDWORKS PDM Dispatch Menu listing is quite large

At this time there is no way to filter out Dispatch Actions so that they only show for some Users or Group, or so that they only display in certain folders.

It is possible though to organize the Dispatch Actions into sub or fly out menus in the right-click shortcut menu.

Separate items with a backslash

Separate menu items with a backslash

In the Dispatch Action settings, under the Menu Command, the sub menus and command text can be separated using a back slash.

So Dispatch\Rename\Rename with Drawing Numbers will result in a fly out menu named “Dispatch” with a sub fly out menu named “Rename” and finally the command named “Rename with Drawing Numbers” as shown in the figure below;

Flyout menu applied

Flyout menu applied

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