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SOLIDWORKS 2019 Configuring Cut Lists for Configurations

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE created/updated December 21, 2018

SOLIDWORKS 2019 now has the option to configure Cut List Properties.  This can be used in scenarios where you need separate properties for a cut list item in different configurations.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Configure Cut List Properties

SOLIDWORKS 2019 Configure Cut List Properties

For example you have ‘Cut-List-Item1’ with two different configurations.  This cut list item has different lengths in each configuration.  While the linked properties (i.e. Length) are automatically updated based on the geometry of the configuration, perhaps you want to assign separate Part Numbers to the item in each configuration.  The Value/Expression box allows you to enter values to which configuration it applies.

SOLIDWORKS Configure Cut List Properties

SOLIDWORKS Cut List Properties

NOTE: Linked properties will need to be unlinked before you can apply configuration-specific values (last column)

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Scott Durksen, CSWE

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