How to place an Image (texture) on the cylindrical face of a Geometric Actor

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 27, 2019


If you are a SOLIDWORKS Composer user, you must have come across using textures within the views, whether that’s on the geometric actors or the background in the view port.

In this article I will discuss how you can use your own logos or textures and apply them to faces of the geometric actors.

To apply an image to an actor:

Step 1: Open the textures Pane

Go to Workshops Tab on the command manager > Properties Tab > Textures. This opens the textures pane on right hand side of composer window.

Step 2: Save and browse the textures

When we install composer the default textures are placed in C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS Composer\Maps. You can save additional textures within this location if you have admin rights. If not, you place textures anywhere on your computer and browse the location.

SOLIDWORKS composer application only supports the following image types: Bitmap, Jpeg, Targa and RGBs for textures.

Example: In my case I placed Javelin logo (.jpg) into my pictures folder.

Browse texture

Step 3: What happens when we simply drag and drop the texture on the model?

When I simply drag and drop the texture (.jpeg) on the part, it applies to the entire component (geometry actor).

drag and drop result

Before you split the part into multiple faces click on actor to select it and  in properties pane on left, enable texture and remove texture map path.

Step 4: Split part into separate faces

However, I just want the texture (logo) to be applied just on the cylindrical face of this body.

So, let’s split the parts into the separate faces. select the model by clicking on it.Now go to Geometry > Explode tool to break a single actor into its component surfaces, where the image can then be selected to be shown on a single surface actor (minimizing the extent to which the image projects).

Before and after using explode

Step 4: Apply texture to cylindrical face

Now change the camera orientation to look from the front face through Home > Align Camera > Front/Back. The camera orientation determines the initial orientation of the texture.

Drag and drop the texture on cylindrical face.

Click on the cylindrical face and now in properties pane select the appropriate projection mode and adjust the values of Ratio height/width and Scale to achieve the appropriate shape and size you want.

Refer to the image below for the end result.

Texture on cylindrical face

Please refer to this tech tip video to learn how to use the texture workshop to rotate and pan your textures in SOLIDWORKS Composer.

Learn more about Composer

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