Why are Blue Folders being displayed in SOLIDWORKS PDM?

Article by Nadeem Akhtar updated May 17, 2019


Are you seeing SOLIDWORKS PDM blue folders in your vault view, instead of the standard green colour?

Blue Folders

If so, this simply means you are working offline and not connected live to the vault server. This happens when you click the Work Offline button on the vault login screen, or attempt to login when you are disconnected from your network, it will default to offline since you are after all, offline.

Return to Green Folders

The solution is an easy one — within Windows Explorer > click on your vault view folder > in the Tools menu > select Work On-line.

Work On-line

Your vault view will now connect to the actual vault and your folders will go back to being green.

Green Folders

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Nadeem Akhtar

Nadeem Akhtar is a PDM Applications Analyst based in the Javelin Oakville Head Office.