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Article by Angus Hudson, CSWP updated July 15, 2019


What would you do with more time? The sky is the limit: you could become the next Carlos Santana, create an industry disrupting technology, or have more chances to perfect your designs before your deadlines. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 can’t create more time (I wish), but it will save you a ton of time on repetitive tasks and simulations!

Multiple Load Cases in a single run

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 is a powerful computational analysis tool capable of optimizing the design of products used in extreme and rugged environments. In these cases, multiple scenarios are typically needed to determine how designs will perform in harsh, real-world conditions.

New performance and usability features make solving these problems a snap. The process for setting up multiple load cases has been simplified and now all possible scenarios can be solved in a single run.

In addition, previous setups can be adapted to create a new study. For example, static load studies can be repurposed to create dynamic studies with no additional setup. Designers simply add the element of time for the dynamic effect of the load and it’s problem solved.

Drag and drop studies

The “get everything working in a linear study and then transition to nonlinear” methodology is considered best practice when performing virtual analysis, and this process is now as easy as dragging and dropping the features from one study to another. This process supports a wide range of features, including SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 time-saving enhancements to pin connectors.

Reduced Solve Times

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 also has some powerful, under-the-hood, enhancements that will help reduce how much time you spend waiting for your results (you may need to start preordering your coffee). In addition to general solver performance improvements, SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019 offers dramatically reduced solve times for multiple load cases. Factorization of the stiffness matrix is now reused for different load cases, resulting in significant time savings for up to 25 load cases.

Enhancements Demo

Check out this video for more information about these enhancements, or contact us to learn more about reducing your time to market with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019.

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Discover more new enhancements and features in SOLIDWORKS 2019 with our demo videos »

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