How to avoid updating views in SOLIDWORKS Composer by mistake?

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated August 23, 2019


The SOLIDWORKS Composer Lock View tool can be used to avoid updating a view by mistake. Once the view is locked it can be unlocked when needed.

Views in SOLIDWORKS Composer do not just change the orientation of the model like SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. Views capture all the properties of viewport, zoom scale position, camera orientation and all the property changes of the collaborative and geometric actors.

Hence, moving the mouse around could change the zoom scale and camera orientation which could accidentally update the view even if we do not want to update it.

Locked and Unlocked Views in SOLIDWORKS Composer

Locked and Unlocked Views in SOLIDWORKS Composer

How to lock and unlock a view or multiple views?

This problem of updating the view by mistake can be avoided if we lock a view.

  • In the Views pane > select the view to lock > Right click on the view > Click on lock view.
  • Select multiple views holding Ctrl to lock multiple views using the above method.
  • A lock symbol appears on the view thumbnail, indicating that the view is locked. You can no longer update it.

Lock and unlock views

  • To unlock the view, select one or multiple views (holding Ctrl) and right-click it, and click Unlock Views. You can now update a view if needed.

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