Fun SOLIDWORKS Part Building Challenges for Beginners

Article by Ben Crisostomo, CSWE updated August 22, 2019


So you’ve just completed a SOLIDWORKS Essentials training course, or you are looking brush off those cobwebs and start using SOLIDWORKS again. Whatever the case may be, you need to start practicing. Here are a few parts that you might find challenging, but are all doable using what you’ve learned in essentials. They are also great for 3D printing because they are fun to play with.

Part 1: The Roling Sphericon

The first part is called a Sphericon. Though it does look intimidating to make, once you figure out the recipe, it’s actually quite simple, and you can create your own variations of it. This part is great for practicing general sketch tools & features. Give it a try, and if you get too frustrated, please check out this video to learn how to make it.

Beginner Parts


Part 2: Oloid

This part is described as a mathematically perfect piece of art because of its symmetry and consistent center of mass. This part is a great way of reinforcing what you learned in the surfacing and equations.

Great Beginner Part for Using Equation



Part 3: Face Table

This part is based on the Rubin vase, where a side profile of a face is used to define the stem of the table. This is a great exercise that reinforces making sketches fully defined, and it is an excellent gift to give someone if you use their face to make the profile.

Great Beginner Part

Face Table


Part 4: Octagon table

This part is a great puzzle to because it doesn’t seem obvious as to how it was made. The part was all features based, and no sheet metal tools were used.

Fun Beginner Parts

Octagon Table

Improving your SOLIDWORKS modeling skills takes time and effort, but it can also be fun when trying to create interesting parts. There are so many mathematical objects, optical illusions, and cleverly designed parts to discover!

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