SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 Text Leader and Block Leader

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 13, 2020


Now when using SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 we can create text leader lines with blocks and notes in 2D panel layouts and harness drawings.

Text and balloons with leader lines are a common method to convey design notes. Adding these annotations with dedicated commands and a leader style manager it’s easy to finish design work more efficiently and present the design clearly.

How to access text leader/block leader tools?

Text leader and Block leader tools can be access on two separate tabs:

  • Draw Tab > Annotation > Text Leader/Block leader

    Draw Tab - Leader lines

    Draw Tab – Leader lines

  • Cabinet layout Tab > Annotation > Text Leader/Block leader
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Text Leader/Block leader

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Text Leader/Block leader

Once the leaders are used in the electrical drawing, by selecting the leader it shows all the graphical properties in the properties pane on the right.

Using properties pane we can control justification of text, attachment type,arrowhead and specifically for block leader we can select block source as circle, triangle etc.

Graphical properties of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Text Leader

Graphical properties of leaders

Leader style Manager can also be used to set the current leader and manager all leader styles.Learn more about Leader Style manager in electrical here.

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