SOLIDWORKS Rx now supports SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 21, 2020


Until SOLIDWORKS 2019 the SOLIDWORKS Rx support tool installed automatically only with SOLIDWORKS. Now in SOLIDWORKS 2020 the SOLIDWORKS Rx also supports SOLIDWORKS Electrical and installs by default when we are just installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2020 on our machine.

When we have different sorts of issues with SOLIDWORKS, for example crashes, the Problem Capture tab in SOLIDWORKS Rx can help us to collect files, videos, and settings that could be shared with technical support team for troubleshooting.

SOLIDWORKS Rx 2020 Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Rx 2020 Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Electrical will only be shown in the capture drop down list of the SOLIDWORKS RX 2020 Tool if you have installed the 2020 version.

Here are the steps of how to use Rx Tool to capture and report electrical issues

  1. Go to Help Ribbon > Help Tab > SOLIDWORKS Rx tool.
  2. This will launch SOLIDWORKS Rx 2020 > Go to Problem Capture Tab.
  3. In the Capture section, choose the application to capture from the drop down list, in our case: SW Electrical
  4. Click Record Video > it gives a pop-up message to use current electrical session or restart SW Electrical.
  5. SOLIDWORKS Rx now records the active SOLIDWORKS Electrical session, perform all the steps that you would like to be recorded in the video to report to the Javelin technical support team.Now click finish recording > right away the capture icon will show green check-mark as it’s done.
  6. Add files option allows us to add additional files in case of electrical we will have to add the electrical project – .proj.tewzip
  7. Now once all the required information is added > Click on Package files.
  8. This will let us package the files in the Package section into a .ZIP file and send it, along with a description of the problem.
Information captured

Information captured

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Attend a SOLIDWORKS Electrical training course either in a Canadian classroom near you or live online. For more information about electrical software and training solutions call 1-877-219-6757.


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