How to use SOLIDWORKS Rx to diagnose your system and capture problems

Article by Rod Mackay updated December 11, 2017


SOLIDWORKS Rx helps you to diagnose and understand how your current hardware and OS environment will impact on the use of SOLIDWORKS and can provide recommendations for improvement. SOLIDWORKS Rx also helps you to capture and communicate technical support issues with a three step problem capture wizard.

SOLIDWORKS Rx Features and Benefits

  • Gathers complete SOLIDWORKS system and event information
  • Makes it easy to send comprehensive information relating to a SOLIDWORKS problem
  • Allows technical support engineers to see what happened to cause the issue with a video created with the SOLIDWORKS Rx video capture tool
  • Allows you to review and diagnose your system
  • Provides feedback and recommendations for improving your system
  • Provides links to start SOLIDWORKS in ‘Safe Mode’ (Software Open GL mode and bypass tools, options)
  • Provides links to guides and other support information
  • Automatically creates a zip file containing all the files and information required for a Technical Support Engineer to solve the problem

Running system diagnostics

  1. First close down SOLIDWORKS
  2. Activate SOLIDWORKS Rx from Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS > SOLIDWORKS Tools, and pick SOLIDWORKS Rx from the menu
  3. System diagnostics will be performed when SOLIDWORKS Rx is started and a report will be displayed in the application window, pick the Diagnostics tab to see the results as shown in the figure below.
SOLIDWORKS Rx Diagnostics

SOLIDWORKS Rx Diagnostics

How to capture problems

If the issue you are experiencing is repeatable you can make a recording of the issue with SOLIDWORKS Rx by following these steps:

STEP 1: Capture Problem

  1. First close down SOLIDWORKS
  2. Activate SOLIDWORKS Rx from Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS > SOLIDWORKS Tools, and pick SOLIDWORKS Rx from the menu
  3. Click on the Problem Capture tab as shown in the figure below to access the wizard
  4. On the problem capture page ensure the record a video option is selected and pick the Start Capture button.
SOLIDWORKS Rx Capture Problem

Capture Problem

  1. SOLIDWORKS will then launch and you need to pick the Start Recording button and recreate the problem
SOLIDWORKS Rx Start Recording

Start Recording

  1. Once you have reproduced the issue in SOLIDWORKS pick Finish Recording
  2. SOLIDWORKS Rx will notify you that it will shut down SOLIDWORKS pick OK


Step 2: Package Files

  1. The recording and log files will be added automatically to a ZIP file, you can add associated SOLIDWORKS files using the Add more files to zip button, browse for the files and pick Add files to package when done.
SOLIDWORKS Rx Package Files

Package Files

  1. When complete select the Package Files Now button
  2. Save the location of the zip file, as a default it’s your SW Log Files location which is fine
  3. After the zip file is saved you can browse to the location with the handy link
  4. Select Continue to Step 3
SOLIDWORKS Rx Package Complete

Package Complete

Step 3: Describe Problem

  1. At the foot of the dialog pick the Continue button to describe the problem
SOLIDWORKS Rx Describe Problem

Describe Problem

  1. Fill out the Problem Capture Details form describing all the details for your problem and then pick OK
SOLIDWORKS Rx Problem Capture Details

Problem Capture Details

  1. The problem capture will now be complete and you can browse to the zip file location using the link as shown below:
SOLIDWORKS Rx Problem Capture Complete

Problem Capture Complete

  1. Select Exit SOLIDWORKS Rx
  2. Send the problem zip file to us by filling out our online form and attach the compressed zip file
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