How to make more Informed Engineering Decisions with Cloud based Analysis

Article by Rod Mackay updated June 12, 2020


Tech Clarity research indicates top performers succeed with cloud based analysis technology.

Nearly half (44%) of manufacturers say design decisions have become more difficult. If engineering wasn’t hard enough, economic fallout from COVID-19 will likely result in more responsibility falling on engineers who have fewer resources at their disposal.

Cloud based analysis

Cloud based analysis

Business must go on; and for engineers to complete their work effectively, they need to be empowered with powerful tools to solve problems faster. As the following report details, simulation, particularly cloud-enabled analysis, is a must-have tool. Here’s what cloud simulation users are reporting:

  • 71% more computing power/faster solver
  • 50% frees up engineers’ computers
  • 42% easier access to experts
  • 42% easier collaboration
  • 42% lowers hardware cost of ownership and maintenance

Download the report below and learn how you can benefit from cloud based analysis tools.

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