Customization of user interface in SOLIDWORKS Electrical!

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated July 29, 2020


Are you aware of settings in SOLIDWORKS Electrical that allow you to change quite a few things in the user interface, just like we make modifications in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD? Do you prefer the mouse wheel to be reversed for zoom direction? Maybe a darker theme? Or a larger cross-hair than the default size?

In addition to what I mentioned above, there are a lot more settings that can be controlled through the Electrical Interface configuration tool.

How to access Electrical Interface configuration tool?

Go to Tools Tab > Interface Configuration > This launches the Interface Configuration dialogue box.

Below is a list of few important items that can be changed in the electrical interface:

  • Cross Hair – Use the drag bar to control the percentage to select a preferred crosshair size for your screen.
  • Reverse Zoom direction – Toggle the checkbox ON or OFF to prefer specific zoom in and out direction.
  • Zoom speed- Default Zoom speed is 100 %, it can be reduced or increased using the drag bar.
  • Change the marker/cursor colour
  • Change the drawing background theme
  • Control the Tabs colour as well their position
  • Change the tabs/ribbons font height
  • Select default dimension units

All the settings that are changed in this user interface dialogue box can be reverted so quickly just by clicking on Reset all interfaces.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Interface Configuration

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Interface Configuration

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