Customize your SOLIDWORKS model background!

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated July 10, 2020


Ever wanted a SOLIDWORKS model background that’s more pleasing to the eye?  Here’s how!

There is a collection of .png image files of such backgrounds that gets installed with SOLIDWORKS.  The trick is to know where they are located and then point to them in System Options > Colors > Background appearances > Image file

The image below uses SOLIDWORKS 2020 as an example, but you will want to change that to the year of your installed version.  Here is the path for 2020 so you can paste it into the path field when browsing, or change the year to the appropriate year version you are modifying.

C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS 2020\SOLIDWORKS\data\Images\textures\background
Workflow for pointing to the background appearance image files

Workflow for pointing to the background appearance image files

Ensure to set the file type filter to Portable Network Graphics File (*.png), otherwise you’ll see other images that are somewhat busier, and may distract from the modeling experience.  From my testing, I’ve found that simply selecting the desired .png file does not actually stick in the settings.  To work around that, simply type the file name and its extension into the Image file field.  The image below shows what it looks like when parchment.png is applied.  Happy customizing!

SOLIDWORKS Model Background parchment.png is applied

parchment.png is applied

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