Creating a Story for 3DEXPERIENCE Dashboards

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated August 4, 2020


Stories facilitate navigating a 3DEXPERIENCE Dashboard by providing a description for a dashboard, tab and widget. You can add a story to provide the users of your dashboard a quick overview of its content. The Dashboard creator/editor decides where to add a Story and the contents of the Story.

Stories can be added by clicking on the “+” sign of the Top Bar and selecting Story from the menu.

Adding a 3DEXPERIENCE Story

Adding a 3DEXPERIENCE Story

Each Story will have a Title and Description.

  • Enter a story title containing up to 50 characters.
  • Enter a story description containing up to 500 characters.
Creating a Story

Creating a Story

Clicking on the “+’ at the top right corner will allow the addition of a Step.

Adding a Step

The first Story will be applied to the Dashboard. Adding a Step will add a Story to the Tab. Selecting to add an additional Step will add a Story to a selected app.

Adding a Story to an App using a Step

The story will show up the next time a member opens the dashboard.

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