Working with Imported Geometry in SOLIDWORKS

Article by Rod Mackay updated August 11, 2020


Do you work with multiple CAD systems? Do you reference or modify imported geometry in your SOLIDWORKS designs? Then this on-demand webinar is for you!

During this presentation; Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert, Jamie Hill, presents 3 key considerations that will allow for better incorporation of imported geometry into your SOLIDWORKS designs.

What you will learn about SOLIDWORKS Imported Geometry

  1. Methods to RELIABLY import and repair geometry during the DATA TRANSLATION process. This section looks at file formats, the Import Diagnostics tool, and 3D Interconnect functionality.
  2. Ensure MANUAL REPAIR techniques are done SAFELY so the original design is not disrupted. This section includes checking, patching, and replicating your imported geometry.
  3. Techniques to QUICKLY apply REVISIONS to your imported models. This section discusses reloading options, comparative tools, and 3D Interconnect capabilities.
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