Multiple Configurations in a SOLIDWORKS Composer File

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated October 26, 2020


In SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 it was really time-consuming when we had to work with SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies that have multiple configurations. When we exported the parts and assemblies from SOLIDWORKS to a .SMG file (composer file), we were only allowed to export one configuration at a time. Similarly, when we imported parts and assemblies into Composer we were allowed to select only one configuration at a time during the import process.

Export fromSOLIDWORKS to Composer

Export from SOLIDWORKS to Composer

Import Configurations

Now in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2021 we can import multiple or all configurations from a SOLIDWORKS file at one time:

Importing in Composer 2020

Importing in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020

Import options in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2021

New Configurations Tab

After a file has been imported into SOLIDWORKS Composer 2021, you will see an additional Tab — “Configurations” which appears in the left-hand pane, right beside the views Tab.

This new feature will help us avoid a lot of import-export work, reducing the hassle of working with composer projects and updating .SMG assemblies.


SOLIDWORKS Composer Configuration Tab

SOLIDWORKS Composer Configurations Tab

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