Easy SOLIDWORKS Cabinet Making Part 3

Article by James Swackhammer updated November 15, 2020


In part 3 of the easy SOLIDWORKS cabinet making series we are going to add all the extra standard parts for the cabinetry like feet, hardware and a counter top. I will show you how to add parts within a part and position them properly. You can catch up with part 1 and 2 here.

I have a foot I created with a two sided taper:

Specify Asymmetric with different dimensions to get this effect.

Specify Asymmetric with different dimensions to get this effect.

The easiest way I found to do the taper on multiple sides is to use a Distance to Distance Chamfer type:

Specify Asymmetric with different dimensions to get this effect.

To bring this into the cabinet part click on Insert and about half way down select Part. If your part isn’t open then browse for it.

Before completing the command we need to select a couple of options. Under Transfer we want Solid Bodies and then we want Locate Part.

The Locate Part with act like mates in an assembly. Once you hit the check to complete the command we then need to position the foot. This is done by hitting the Constrain button as this will open up standard mates. The trick to this is do not click the check mark until all mates are done, instead click the Add button to add a mate and move onto another.

Add a mate

Add a mate

If you accidentally clicked the check just navigate to the Body-Move/Copy and edit the feature.

To add the rest of the feet it’s a simple two mirror process which is a good reason why we did the center rectangle and mid-plane extrusion because the standard planes are utilized here. One last thing about the mirror is that this is a body to mirror not a feature.

Mirror Body

Mirror Body

I’m going to create a counter top within the part. Starting a sketch on the top I convert the outside edges and then offset three leaving the back out. I Connect the lines with an Extend Entities. Now when you go to extrude you will notice the counter is in the middle of the cabinet to offset this to the top use the From and use Surface top face.  One thing to note is remove the Merge Result check because we want this as another body.


Boss-extrude counter top

Last item on our list is to fillet the countertop. This is a three-sided fillet leaving the back side again knowing that the backside is up against the wall. To the top and bottom edges I add a fillet and the front corners I add a different dimension fillet.

Fillet the counter top

Fillet the counter top

In the next article

We will create a more organized cut-list with meta data.

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