How to Remove or Edit SOLIDWORKS Macro Buttons

Article by Prasadh Annalingam, CSWE updated November 14, 2020


In this tech tip learn how to remove or edit an existing SOLIDWORKS Macro Button. To learn how to Create Macro Buttons, please read my related article.

To remove a Macro Button, the first thing we’re going to do is open the Customize Window (Tools > Customize).

SOLIDWORKS Tools > Customize

SOLIDWORKS Tools > Customize > Open Customize Window

Next, simply click and drag the existing Macro from the toolbar to anywhere in the Customize Window. You will see the Macro button icon with an “X” indicating that it will be removed.

SOLIDWORKS Remove Existing Macros

Remove Existing Macros

To edit the Macro Button, simply right click where it is on the toolbar and it will open the Customize Macro Button.

Edit Existing Macros

Edit Existing Macros

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Macros/API

You can learn more about how to create these on SOLIDWORKS API Help as well as the training Javelin provides, SOLIDWORKS VB for Applications and SOLIDWORKS API training courses, which you can take live online, or in one of our Canadian classrooms. Check our schedule to learn more.

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