SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021


SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021 simplifies pre-processing contact and meshing activities by introducing faster contact calculation, contact stabilization, automatic geometry correction, efficient and more robust meshing, and improved mesh diagnostics. Get to solving your simulation studies faster and smarter with SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021 enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Gap Detection for Interactions. The detection of gaps between complex geometries is more efficient and enhances the enforcement of the appropriate contact conditions. Contact conditions are more efficiently enforced to geometries that are within a maximum distance. The software calculates the qualified regions for contact based on a percentage of the characteristic length of the participating geometries.
  • Bonded Interactions. The accuracy of results for static, frequency, and buckling studies is improved for bodies that experience bonded interactions. Improved algorithms that enforce independent meshes for bodies drive this improvement.
  • Geometry Corrections for Surfaces in Contact. Simulations for linear static studies are more accurate for curved surfaces that come into contact. The contact detection algorithm integrates geometry correction factors that improve the representation of curved surfaces from cylindrical, spherical, and conical geometries.
  • Switch Source and Target Faces for Local Interactions. You can switch the source and target faces of local interaction sets to resolve convergence issues. When you are working with complex geometries that have multiple.
  • Simulation Solvers. The performance of simulation solvers is improved for linear static and nonlinear studies of large models.
  • Enhanced Blended Curvature-Based Mesher. The Blended Curvature-based mesher has improved performance based on optimized code architecture, multithreading, and parallel multicore processing. The improved mesher can mesh parts and large assemblies significantly faster.
  • Mesh Quality-Diagnostics Tool. Improved diagnostic tools help you examine the quality of a mesh and detect poor-quality
  • Simulation Evaluator. The Simulation Evaluator is enhanced to flag study definitions related to the assigned friction coefficient for interactions (formerly known as contacts) and materials for invalid Poisson’s ratio values.
  • Pin Connector Forces. The list of pin connector loads at the pin joints is more accurate for shear forces and bending moments.
  • Copy Tabular Simulation Results to Clipboard. You can copy tabular simulation results displayed inside PropertyManagers to the clipboard and paste the copied data from the clipboard into a Microsoft® Excel® or Word document. You can copy reaction forces, free body forces, contact/friction forces, connector forces, and probed results.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021 makes it easier than ever to succeed with your Simulation-driven design efforts. The analysis process is simplified and more flexible. And with the accuracy and speed improvements, there’s something for everyone, new and existing users alike.

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