SOLIDWORKS 2021 Location of the Hatch Pattern File

Article by Nadeem Akhtar updated January 18, 2021


New in SOLIDWORKS 2021, you can save the hatch pattern file “sldwks.ptn” in any searchable folder so it is not overwritten when you upgrade SOLIDWORKS. This is useful if you customize the file.

By default, the hatch pattern file is saved in a SOLIDWORKS installation folder and is overwritten with the default file every time you upgrade SOLIDWORKS.

Follow the steps below to specify a new location for the hatch pattern file:

  1. Move your modified “sldwks.ptn” file to the location of your choice.
  2. Click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools Options
  3. On the System Options tab, click File Locations
  4. In Show folders for, select Hatch Pattern File
  5. Select the current location of the hatch pattern file and click Delete
  6. To specify the new location, click Add, browse to the new location, and click OK
SOLIDWORKS Hatch Pattern File Location

SOLIDWORKS Hatch Pattern File Location

NOTE: If you share a drawing that uses a custom hatch pattern, also share the custom “sldwks.ptn” file for the recipient to use so that the pattern renders correctly.

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