SOLIDWORKS Simulation Maximum Annotation in Probe Tool

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated January 13, 2021


SOLIDWORKS Simulation colour plots provide the ability to show the Max Annotation flyout which quickly points out the maximum value in the entire plot.  The easiest method to enable the flyout is by clicking on the top number of the colour plot and select the annotation icon.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Maximum Value Annotation

In some scenarios you may want to know the location of the maximum over a selected region.  The Probe tool gives an option to obtain results On selected faces.  Selecting edges/faces/vertices will give results for all nodes, then a summary to indicate the maximum value.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Probe On Selected Entities

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Probe On Selected Entities

If you’re interested in where exactly this highest value is found, click on the column header Value.  This will sort the results in order of max/min values.  Then click on the top row and a flyout will show the location of this node.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Probe Sort by Value

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Probe Sort by Value

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