SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2021 New Tutorial

Article by John Lee, CSWE updated January 14, 2021


Do you design injection molds with SOLIDWORKS?  Did you know that SOLIDWORKS Plastics offers a comprehensive set of tutorials?

New in the SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2021 release is a tutorial entitled Validating Injection Molding Simulation, where we learn how to simulate the injection molding process, and validate the Flow and Pack results against experimental data.  The part is a simple disc shape with a sprue.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Tutorial

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Tutorial

Accessing the Tutorial PDF

The PDF is offered with licenses of SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium and SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional.  To view the PDF, SOLIDWORKS Plastics must be installed and loaded in Tools > Add-Ins…

From the SOLIDWORKS Plastics tab of the CommandManager, click Settings and Help > Tutorials.  This will launch the PDF.

Learn more about Plastics

SOLIDWORKS® Plastics makes it easy for companies that design plastic parts or injection molds to predict and avoid manufacturing defects during the earliest stages of design, eliminating costly rework, improving quality, and accelerating time-to-market.

Learn more Plastics tips and tricks in our SOLIDWORKS Plastics training course, and familiarize yourself with the latest SOLIDWORKS enhancements in our SOLIDWORKS Advanced Update course!

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