How to create Multiple Animations from a SOLIDWORKS Composer Assembly

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 17, 2021


SOLIDWORKS Composer is used to create the technical documentation or animations referring to the various processes such as assembling components.

There is always a need to create multiple animations from the same composer assembly such as one animation could show the exploded position of the parts and then slowly assembling one part at a time whereas another animation could just show the assembled model from different angles or camera orientations.

NOTE: You do not have to delete the existing animation and create the new one OR you don’t have to reimport the SOLIDWORKS model in SOLIDWORKS Composer to create another animation for the same model. We can save multiple animations from the same assembly and load whichever animation we would like at any time.

How to save multiple animations:

  1. Create the first animation in the animation key track.
  2. Now save this animation  as a Scenario .smgSce through Animate Tab > “Save Root”
  3. Give the File name to the Scenario file (.smgSce) and Click Save.

    Save Root

    Save Root

  4. Now the keys on the key track can be deleted and create the second animation and the second animation can be saved as a Scenario file (.smgSce) file as well.
  5. Whenever you want to modify the first animation it can be loaded back using “Load Root” from Animate Tab.
  6. Once you click Load Root browse to the first scenario file and Open > Now the animation can be modified and exported as a video through Workshops > Video > “Save video as” .MP4 or .AVI
Load Root

Load Root

NOTE: The current animation doesn’t have to be deleted when loading another animation through Load root, it automatically replaces the current animation.

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