Mate Property Manager Interface Change in SOLIDWORKS 2021

Article by Prasadh Annalingam, CSWE updated February 19, 2021


The Standard, Advanced, and Mechanical mate categories found in the Mate Property Manager have now moved into tabs at the top of the Property Manager in SOLIDWORKS 2021!

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Property Manager:

SOLIDWORKS 2021 User Interface has the Mate type categories as tabs and the appropriate mates are shown under the “Mate Type” group box.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Mate Property Manager


SOLIDWORKS 2020 and older:

The older User Interface had the Mate type categories as separate group boxes in the property manager.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 and Older Mate Property Manager

SOLIDWORKS 2020 and Older

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Prasadh Annalingam, CSWE

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