Why is my SOLIDWORKS Sketch Text Upside Down?

Article by Prasadh Annalingam, CSWE updated February 16, 2021


Have you noticed that sometimes your SOLIDWORKS Sketch Text is upright going left to right but sometimes the text is upside down and is reversed right to left?

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Text Orientation

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Text Orientation

This is not a bug or a mistake in the program but rather an intended behaviour. The cause of the upside text is actually quite straightforward but almost always missed. The text orientation is dependent on the way you create the curve (line) the text is referenced on. If you create a line from left to right then the text will be upright and if you create it from right to left, then it will be upside down as see above.

Upside Down Sketch Text Prevention:

Make sure you create the line in the direction you want the text to be oriented.

Fix for existing upside down text:

Recreate the line in the direction you want the text to be oriented. That being said, if you have already created a line and do not wish to recreate the line then there is another simple option to fix the orientation. See below to use the flip options in the property manager.

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Text Flip Vertical

Sketch Text Flip Vertical

Text Flipped Horizontally

Sketch Text Flip Horizontal

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Text Flipped

Sketch Text Flipped

Sketch Text with Arcs:

The same behaviour is noted when using arcs instead of lines. An arc created clockwise will give you text that is upright while an arc created counter-clockwise will result in upside down text.

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Text Orientation- Arc

Sketch Text Orientation for Arcs

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