Copying or Moving animation keys in SOLIDWORKS Composer

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 2, 2021


While working with a SOLIDWORKS Composer animation, there could be cases when we have to copy or move the animation keys from one time-frame to another.

Maybe there is a need to copy the location, opacity, material or event of an actor.

By selecting a specific geometric or collaborative actor > Toggling ON “show keys for selected actor only” – Filter keys > holding the Ctrl key and dragging and dropping key from one time-frame to another, copies the key.

However, not holding the Ctrl key would simply move the key from one time-frame to another. Similarly, properties of viewport, camera and digger tool can be copied or moved.

Now when we copy/move the keys, by default it also copies the markers which could be misleading.

SOLIDWORKS Composer markers refer to:

  • Either the view name in the view-Tab which gets created automatically when the view is dragged and dropped in the animation key track
  • OR a manually created marker to give a better definition of events in the animation.

To avoid copying markers follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Animate Tab
  2. Click on Time Settings
  3. Time Settings dialogue box opens up
  4. Uncheck “Update markers when moving the keys”
  5. Doing so, the markers won’t be copied when we move or copy the keys in the animation track.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Animation Copy

Uncheck Update markers

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