CSWA Practice Exam Download Package for Students and Educators

Article by Rod Mackay updated June 16, 2021


Complete the form below to access the CSWA (Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate) Practice Exam Download Package which is designed for students to practice for the exam and for Educators to deliver CSWA Practice Problems and teach 3D modeling and best practices for passing the exam.

CSWA Exam Practice

CSWA Exam Practice Download Package

What is the CSWA Exam Practice Package?

The CSWA Practice Package is a new product developed by the SOLIDWORKS Education Team in order to provide practice material for certification exams to the SOLIDWORKS Community. The package includes progression of problems that gradually introduce new features and functionality that are necessary to be familiar with in order to pass the CSWA Exam.

The CSWA Certification

SOLIDWORKS Certifications are a benchmark to measure your knowledge and competency with SOLIDWORKS software. A certification helps you stand out from the crowd and showcases your expertise to businesses and professionals alike—a valuable asset in a competitive job market. A few popular SOLIDWORKS Certifications include:

  • CSWA: Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate
  • CSWP: Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional
  • CSWPA: Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced:
    • Sheet Metal
    • Weldments
    • Surfacing
    • Mold Tools
    • Drawing Tools
  • CSWE: Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert

Why take the CSWA Exam?

Being a CSWA is the difference between saying “I’ve used SOLIDWORKS” and “I know SOLIDWORKS.” The information in the CSWA Exam covers basic must-have skills for a serious SOLIDWORKS user. The CSWA is your stepping stone towards higher certifications, like the CSWP and the CSWPAs.

CSWA Exam Details

The following is the topic and question breakdown of the CSWA exam which are provided in the CSWA Practice Exam Package:

  • Drafting Competencies (3 Questions of 5 Points Each):
    • Miscellaneous questions on drafting functionality
  • Basic Part Creation and Modification (2 Questions of 15 Points Each):
    • Sketching
    • Extrude Boss
    • Extrude Cut
    • Modification of Key Dimensions
  • Intermediate Part Creation and Modification (2 Questions of 15 Points Each):
    • Sketching
    • Revolve Boss
    • Extrude Cut
    • Circular Pattern
  • Advanced Part Creation and Modification (3 Questions of 15 Points Each):
    • Sketching
    • Sketch Offset
    • Extrude Boss
    • Extrude Cut
    • Modification of Key Dimensions
    • More Difficult Geometry Modifications
  • Assembly Creation (4 Questions of 30 Points Each):
    • Placing of Base Part
    • Mates
    • Modification of Key Parameters in Assembly
  • Total Questions: 14
  • Total Points: 240
  • Points Needed to Pass: 165
  • Maximum Time: 180 min

How to Find Training and Tutorials?

The practice problems in this guide show the basic format of the CSWR exam problems for part modeling and assembly creation. To access information on drafting competencies, you can view free tutorials right from within the SOLIDWORKS interface. Click “Help” on the top menu and go to “SOLIDWORKS Tutorials“, and you will find many helpful, step-by-step tutorials to teach you different aspects of the software.

Lesson 3 is specifically about drawings and drawing tools, so this will aid in your preparation for the drafting competencies section of the CSWR exam. You will find numerous other tutorials within “CSWP/CSWA Preparation” that will also greatly aid in your exam preparation.

Visit My.SolidWorks.com for even more training and tutorials, and learn how to set up your My.SolidWorks account using your school’s serial number in the video below:

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