SOLIDWORKS Sketch System Options that will Save You Time

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated November 23, 2021


In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few SOLIDWORKS Sketch Options that will make your work much easier and save you valuable time by reducing tedious clicks.

The time-saving sketching techniques and options we’ll cover in this video blog include:

  • Auto-Rotate View
  • Create Sketch on New Part
  • Enable On-Screen Numeric Input on Entry Creation
  • Create Dimension Only When Value is Entered

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Options

To access sketch options go to System Options > General > Sketch.

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Options

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Options

Auto-Rotate View

The first option is the Auto-Rotate View. Under options for sketching, you will find an option called Auto Rotate View Normal to Sketch Plane on Sketch Creation and Sketch Edit. This means whenever you’re creating a new sketch or editing an existing sketch, the sketch will rotate normal to the screen. This is very convenient and useful if you’re always reorienting your model.

Create Sketch on New Part

If you start a new part, activating this option will start you in Sketch mode in a Front plane by default. As you’re designing parts, if you frequently find yourself creating that first sketch on the front plane, this is a great way to save you a few tedious clicks right out of the gate.

Enable On-Screen Numeric Input on Entity Creation

As you start to create geometry within your sketch, and before creating the sketch line, you can type in a value on the fly that is tied to the parameters not actually adding a dimension to it. We’ll cover adding dimensions in the next option

Create Dimension Only When Value is Entered

Check the box for Create Dimension Only When Value is Entered. Now, when you sketch a line and type in a value, your dimension is added with your sketch line.

Work smarter not harder

These are just a few of the techniques you can take advantage of to improve your workflow so you can focus on your design instead of making tedious clicks that interrupt your concentration. To learn more sketching techniques take a SOLIDWORKS training course from Javelin »

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