Improve the Conceptual Design Process to Reduce Time to Market & Optimize Profits

Article by Dassault Systèmes updated April 1, 2022


Tech-Clarity surveyed 187 manufacturers to determine best practices to cut out non-value-added work.

High-quality industrial design ensures your products will be as attractive as possible, a critical factor when more and more customers purchase online where aesthetics sell products.

However, early in efficient development processes are fraught with non-value-added work, ranging from poor methods of gathering feedback to the inability to leverage much detail design work. All of this results in wasted efforts.

Included in the White Paper

Tech-Clarity’s research study examines where time is wasted in industrial design and best practices to avoid non-value-added work. Best practices include:

  • Leveraging more of the concept model during detail design
  • Streamlining design iterations between industrial and detail design
  • Facilitating internal feedback with more efficient design reviews
  • Involving customers as early as possible

See how top-performing companies leverage these best practices (and others) to increase revenue and speed time to market.

Conceptual Design Process White Paper

Conceptual Design Process White Paper

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