Marketing and Documentation Creation with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Article by Craig D'Costa updated April 6, 2022


Do you create content for instruction manuals, marketing videos and product web pages? Does this process involve tedious screen-captures and a disconnect with your CAD data? If these questions pertain to you, then read on as I elaborate on how the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Product Communicator role can provide the answers.

Product Communicator Overview

The Product Communicator role on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform gives users access to two applications – xHighlight and xStudio. As these applications are part of the large portfolio available on the platform, your 3D data can be easily dragged in from a shared collaborative space (or uploaded from a local folder location on your computer). This helps to provide a seamless flow of information, eliminating the need for screen captures, emails, taking photos, etc., as different departments can work in parallel with the engineering team, rather than sequentially. Is there a design change occurring to one or more models? Not a problem! The model will automatically update in all applications where it is currently being used – including xHighlight and xStudio – saving time, effort and allowing for design changes to be handled effortlessly.

Now that we’ve looked at how the Product Communicator role fits into the 3DEXPERIENCE ecosystem, let’s take a closer look at the individual applications that make up the role.

xHighlight App

For those of you that might be familiar, xHighlight is the platform’s answer to SOLIDWORKS Composer. Using xHighlight, users can create quality content to export images, videos, and technical illustrations (.svg). Tools for exploding models, inserting authoring tools like arrows and explode lines, and labelling parts are all integrated into the program. Furthermore, since xHighlight reads the imported CAD data and has access to the model assembly tree labelling, hiding, and identifying parts is far from a manual process. Figure 1 below shows an example of an image published using xHighlight. It is worth noting that even the part configuration can be identified with no additional effort.

Scene creation with xHighlight

Figure 1. Scene creation with xHighlight

xStudio App

The xStudio application is fantastic for creating photorealistic renderings of your CAD data. An easy to use interface combined with a host of tools means that users can adjust lighting or set an ‘ambience’, add part materials, adjust camera settings, preview, and export out quality renders quickly and easily.  Figure 2 shows an example of the capabilities of the xStudio App using a Circular Saw assembly. Note, the xStudio application can be accessed through the 3D Render role as well.

3DEXPERIENCE xStudio Final Rendering

Figure 2. Photorealistic rendering with xStudio

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