Tips for a successful upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2023

Article by Matthew Siddall updated October 25, 2022


Before you upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2023 and start checking out all the great new features added in this year’s release make sure you read our tips for a successful upgrade:

Attend our SOLIDWORKS 2023 Launch Event

The TriMech / Javelin Global Technology Event brings together everything you’ve come to expect from a SOLIDWORKS launch and much more. This event replicates the experience of a real event hall and will feature live sessions on November 2 – 3, with on-demand catch-up available. Alongside the scheduled content you’ll also find opportunities to interact with and learn from our experts, exhibitors and the global SOLIDWORKS community.

SOLIDWORKS System Requirements

First things first, it is important to review the System Requirements for SOLIDWORKS 2023 to make sure your computer can handle the new enhancements. It’s always a good idea to double-check your operating system and your system hardware against the recommendations so you don’t upgrade to a product that doesn’t run as smoothly as it should.

SOLIDWORKS Graphics Card and Driver

Once you verify your system meets or exceeds the system requirements for SOLIDWORKS 2023, the next thing you should check is that your Graphics Card and Driver are certified. The benefit of using a certified Graphics Card is they are tested to work with SOLIDWORKS. Additionally, having the most up-to-date Driver for your card may not be the best thing. It’s always a good idea to consult the SOLIDWORKS Hardware Certification site to check which version you should be using. Doing this puts your best foot forward going into a new release of SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Type

In general, SOLIDWORKS 2023 can be licensed two different ways. The licenses starting with 9000 are standalone licenses and the licenses starting with 9100 are network licenses. If you are using a standalone license, the upgrade process is as straightforward as installing the new version of SOLIDWORKS. If you have a network license, the process has a few more things to keep in mind.

The reason for this is that the SOLIDWORKS License Manager (SNL) must be at the same version as your SOLIDWORKS Installation (SOLIDWORKS 2023 and SNL 2023) or a higher version than your SOLIDWORKS Installation (SOLIDWORKS 2022 and SNL 2023). This means you will need to make sure your SNL is upgraded to the new version of SOLIDWORKS before you upgrade the individual SOLIDWORKS Clients.

Copy Settings Wizard

One of the last steps before upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2023 is to save your current SOLIDWORKS Settings. You can access the Copy Settings Wizard either from inside of SOLIDWORKS (by using the task pane or Options drop down menu) or directly from your Windows Search Bar.

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Copy Settings Wizard

SOLIDWORKS 2023 Copy Settings Wizard

The Copy Settings Wizard allows you to save a file that includes the things that you’ve customized with your current SOLIDWORKS Installation. This includes keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, the SOLIDWORKS system options, and even the layout of your toolbars.

SOLIDWORKS 2023 settings file

SOLIDWORKS 2023 settings file

Once you upgrade SOLIDWORKS to 2023, the Copy Settings Wizard can be relaunched and can be used to Restore SOLIDWORKS Settings to the new installation. The tool can also be used to transfer settings between other computers, not just for upgrades.

Frequently Asked SOLIDWORKS Update Questions

  1. Can I have multiple versions of SOLIDWORKS installed on the same machine? When running the new SOLIDWORKS Setup, it will allow you to either Upgrade to a new version on installation or just do a normal installation. Upgrading will remove the old version of SOLIDWORKS where a normal installation allows both to coexist on your machine. Be careful when running multiple installations that you don’t save a SOLIDWORKS file into a newer version when you don’t mean to. If you save a file in 2023, it means you won’t be able to open it in 2019, for example.
  2. Can I still install if I have a network installation? Yes! If your SOLIDWORKS License Manager is an equal or higher version than the SOLIDWORKS you want to install, you can still pull a license. For example, you can install and run SOLIDWORKS 2019 and SOLIDWORKS 2020 on a SOLIDWORKS 2023 License Server.
  3. What happens to my Custom Templates when I upgrade? It is important to save your Custom Templates to their own folder outside of the default SOLIDWORKS directory. These locations can be restored using the Copy Settings Wizard after upgrading. If you leave them in the Default Directory used in the SOLIDWORKS install, they may be wiped during the upgrade process.
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