Evaluate and Improve SOLIDWORKS Performance

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated November 29, 2022


Are you falling victim to long rebuild times in SOLIDWORKS? If it feels like it is taking too long to open specific part or assembly files, there might be a way to reduce that load time! Using the Evaluate Performance tool within SOLIDWORKS you can identify and attack the sources of these long load times and improve SOLIDWORKS performance!

Step 1: Open the Evaluate Performance Tool

Once you open your assembly or part file in SOLIDWORKS, simply go to the Evaluate tab in your Command Manager. There, you will find the Evaluate Performance tool and you can run a diagnostic test for your file! Every feature will be analyzed and organized based on their individual rebuild time.

Performance Evaluation tool to help improve SOLIDWORKS performance

Step 2: Interpret the Data

The Performance Evaluation tool displays and breaks down each feature within the program file based on the time it takes to rebuild that feature. This tool shows the time it takes for each individual feature to generate within the file and breaks down the percentage of load time it takes for the overall file. With this information, you can identify which specific features within a part or assembly file are taking the longest time to load.

SOLIDWORKS Performance evaluation window

Step 3: Attack!

Once you’ve identified the features that are causing these slow rebuild times, use various design techniques to attempt to increase efficiency! Look for external relations and references within sketches and features to reduce load time. Attaching relations to the nearest feature possible and reducing the number of parents a feature has can reduce the computation necessary to generate a feature. Unfortunately, every case is different, but being able to identify the problem is always the first step. Editing features and adjusting certain feature properties can affect the overall load time and you can even suppress non-critical features to reduce load time even further and improve SOLIDWORKS performance!

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