SOLIDWORKS Simulation Design Insight Plot

Article by Malak Souissi, CSWP updated November 7, 2022


The SOLIDWORKS Simulation Design Insight Plot, also known as “load path”, is a plot that shows the regions of the model that carry the loads most efficiently. It can be useful in part modification in the post-processing of your design.

How will a SOLIDWORKS Simulation Design Insight Plot help reduce cost?

If we think about this from a manufacturing perspective, more material = more cost. Of course, one might argue that more material = more robust but that is not always true.

The Design Insight plot can help you save manufacturing money spent on “chunkier” parts and target areas of that part that need modification.

Where is the Design Insight found and how does it work?

You can find the “Design Insight Feature” in the Simulation tab as shown below:

Where to find Design Insight

Where to find Design Insight

Upon opening the feature, you will see a slider than can be adjusted from “Most Loaded” to “All”.  Where “Most Loaded” are areas with highest stress in the model.

Design Insight Menu

Design Insight Feature Menu

Assuming the slider is in a position closer to “Most Loaded”, if the goal is to reduce weight on the design, the areas that are translucent may be removed manually from the geometry.

Here is an example from the official SOLIDWORKS help website:

Additionally, you can check out a far more advanced tool – The Design Optimization Tool, a tool that automates this process if needed frequently!

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