Using Display States in SOLIDWORKS

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated November 8, 2022


Display states in SOLIDWORKS allow users to show their parts and assemblies in a variety of ways using options such as hide/show, display modes, appearances, and transparency. All of these options are saved into a display state so that users can quickly toggle between different visual representations of a 3D model. Display states can also be used in a drawing, giving users the ability to accurately show their models in any view. Display states are much more performance friendly than configurations, so anytime display states are a valid option they should considered.

Display states are managed in the ConfigurationManager tab. To create a new display state, simply right click a blank area within the ConfigurationManager tab and select ‘Add Display State’. To activate a display state just double click on it in the display states section of the ConfigurationManager tab. If a change is made to any of the options saved into the display state (hide/show, display mode, appearance, and transparency), this will apply only to the active display state and will not impact any others.


The display state settings can quickly be viewed for all components in a model at the same time by expanding the display pane in the FeatureManager Design Tree tab. Users can use the display pane to:

  • Change display settings for a part’s features and solid and surface bodies.
  • Change the appearance of the part.
  • Add display states to the part.
  • Rename display states.
  • Change the active display state.
  • Remove all or selected appearances from the part.


display tab with menu options

Once the display states have been set up, they are easily pulled into any drawing containing the 3D model. In the drawing view’s PropertyManager there is a section to switch between the referenced display states.

computer screen with 3d image and drawing views using display states in solidworks

To summarize, display states in SOLIDWORKS make it easy to manage the views users want to show. Users have the flexibility to setup views in a way that clearly illustrates the model. Open SOLIDWORKS today and explore more with display states!

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