Installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023: Tips and Tricks

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated February 6, 2023


The SOLIDWORKS installation manager provides an intuitive interface that makes installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical a straightforward process. Users have a different setup option depending on the Electrical database type, standalone or network.

Standalone databases are great for single users or for those who will not be collaborating with others on projects. The Electrical database for a standalone setup is local to the machine that has the Electrical software installed on it. With a network database, multiple users can collaborate on projects by setting up the Electrical database on a server machine and pointing the clients to the established server components (Data, Collaborative Server, SQL Server).

The client installation portion of the network setup process is very similar to the standalone installation process, the key difference will be where the installation is set up to look for the Data folder, Collaborative Server, and SQL Server. Before upgrading it is important to archive your Electrical environment to help restore the database after the upgrade is complete, visit Restoring Your Electrical Data for more information on this topic.

Found below are the steps to install the Electrical database on a server machine for SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic StandardSOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional and SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D along with how to set up a client/standalone installation. If you receive any error messages or warning along the way, please refer to SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Potential Installation Warnings and Error Messages.

 Electrical Server Setup

  1. Open the SolidNetWork License Manager on the server machine and install the server components for the Electrical share data
    1. Install server components >  Install SOLIDWORKS Electrical (share data) on this computer server components
  2. Select Change next to the Electrical Options to set up the server components.
    1. Set up the server components
    2. Make sure Data, Collaborative Server, and SQL Server are all enabled. All three of these must be installed on the same machine for a properly configured Electrical database server soliworks electrical data properties
    3. The data location will be a folder that clients can access with full read/write permissions
    4. The collaborative server name is the name of the server machine, or you can use “localhost” (without quotation marks). Leave the port as 26666
  3. The SQL Server name is defined as the server machine name followed by a backslash and the SQL instance name (SERVERNAME\SQLDATABASE). Create a new instance of SQL Server
  4. After setting up the server components go “Back to Summary” to accept the terms of the license agreement and begin the download
  5. Share the data location folder so that all users have full read and write permissions

Client/Standalone Setup

  1. Open the SolidNetWork License Manager on the client/standalone machine and select Install on this computer
  2. Enter the Electrical serial number
  3. Select Change next to the Electrical Options to set up the Electrical database
  4. Set up the database components electrical server setup
  5. If setting up a client for a network database, point to the Data Location, Collaborative Server, and SQL Server set up in step three of the Electrical Server Setup instructions. For Data Location use the network path specified in step four of the Electrical Server Setup Instructions
    1. If setting up a standalone database, choose a data location, enter the machine name or “localhost” (without quotation marks) for the Collaborative Sever. Leave the port as 26666. The SQL Server name is defined as the machine name followed by a backslash and the SQL instance name, you can also use “localhost” as the machine name here too. Create a new instance of SQL Server installing solidworks electrical options
  6. Open Electrical to run the Data Wizard. This should be done on all new installs of Electrical, both standalone and network. When doing this in a network environment only the first client will see the Data Wizard

For more details about installing Electrical please refer to the webinar link found below.

Installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023 – TriMech

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