SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Potential Electrical Installation Warnings and Error Messages

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated February 3, 2023


SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides powerful tools that helps engineers design, manage, and analyze electrical systems. With its intuitive user interface, engineers can quickly create schematic diagrams, generate accurate reports, and even automate creating wires. SOLIDWORKS Electrical also allows engineers to collaborate with colleagues to make sure projects stay on track.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D are an excellent choice for engineers who need an integrated electrical design tool, they provide a comprehensive suite of features that streamlines the design process and helps to reduce errors. In order to benefit from these products properly, users must first ensure a successful installation. Below are some hints on how to resolve SOLIDWORKS Electrical installation warnings and error messages that you hopefully will not see, but the first and most important message:


Archiving the environment in SOLIDWORKS Electrical is important because it allows users to save and store all the data, settings, and configurations associated with the environment. Archiving the environment also allows users to easily restore a previous version of the Electrical database if needed, or to share data with others. Additionally, and most importantly, archiving ensures that all the information and data are safe and secure for future reference. Users should be archiving at least once a month.

A Windows reboot is pending from a previous installation.

windows reboot required in solidworks

Windows reboot required

This warning may appear when starting up installation manager. Simply click OK and continue forward with the installation. This will not make any impact on the ability to install.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical is unable to connect to the SQL Server

unable to connect to sql server

Unable to Connect

This error appears when going “Back to Summary” from the Electrical Options. A good place to start is to confirm that the SQL Server username (sa or tew) and password credentials are correct. Make sure the server machine name is spelt correctly, that the server machine is on and accessible through the network, and that the SQL service is running on the server. If there are still issues, check to see if any firewalls may be blocking the communication ports. If the firewall is disabled and the issue is resolved this confirms the issue is the ports being blocked. To resolve this, set up the following inbound and outbound port exceptions:

  • TCP 26666-266672,
  • TCP 1433
  • UDP 1434
  • Ensure all TCP/IP pipes are enabled and a static TCP port is assigned for the Electrical SQL instance of SQL Server Configuration Manager,. Add this TCP port to port rules to allow traffic incoming and outgoing.

Specified user does not have a required permission The user needs the SQL: permission ‘ALTER ANY LOGIN’

alter any login in solidworks

Alter Any Login Permissions

This appears when going “Back to Summary” from Electrical Options. To resolve this, change username for SQL login from ‘tew’ to ‘sa’. After the installation, open Electrical Schematic and go to Tools > Application settings > Databases. Change the username field from ‘sa’ to ‘tew’ and restart Electrical for the changes to take effect.

Additional files are needed based on the products selected

solidworks installation manager for Electrical Installation Warnings

Click for additional files

If the installation manager cannot find the necessary media for the install, users may see this error. Simply go through the installation manager’s Download Options, select “Download and install.”

solidworks electrical installation warning upload

Download and install

For help with SOLIDWORKS Electrical installation, please see Installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023: Tips and Tricks. If on active subscription with TriMech, do not hesitate to reach out to the support team if you’re seeing these electrical installation warnings or any other error messages that you’re not able to resolve. Our support team is available from 7am-8:30pm EST.

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