How to define Wipeout Frame for 2D Footprint in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Layout

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated March 15, 2023


When a 2D Footprint symbol is created in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Layout, the software automatically adds a ‘Wipeout Frame’ based on the extends of the footprint you’re working on. Firstly, to view frames of a symbol, simply go to the Panel Layout drawing window by selecting “Show wipeout frames” in the grid setting tab (See image below for reference).

select "Show wipeout frames" in the grid setting tab

Select “Show wipeout frames”

In a lot of cases where the 2D Footprint symbol is rectangular, there won’t be any issues. However, if there are a few devices that are not particularly rectangular and the frame is not defined, the software will generate a frame around the outermost borders of the symbol (see the image below where the frame is depicted in red).

the software will generate a wipeout frame around the outermost borders of the symbol

Wipeout frame is indicated in red

By not defining the frame of a 2D Footprint symbol that is not rectangular, can lead to gaps and inconsistencies when you insert the symbol beside another symbol or on a rail (see image below).

inconsistencies in wipeout framing in SW electrical

Inconsistencies in wipeout frame

If the frame is defined by the user, the tool will then use the defined frame for the 2D Footprint. To make changes to the frame structure and for the user to define their own frame, follow the instructions below:

  1. Right-click the symbol > Open Symbol
  2. Go to the Draw tab > Select Wipeout
  3. Click and draw on the outer borders of the symbol, once you are finished the newly defined frame will be displayed in the foreground as seen below.

    newly defined wipeout frame will be displayed in the foreground

    Wipeout frame displayed in the foreground

  4. From here, select the symbol to highlight the wipeout frame.
  5. Go to Modify > Click the drop down for Order and select “Set background” to push the frame behind the symbol.
  6. Save the symbol > Go back to your Layout > Right click symbol > Update.

The result can be seen below from SOLIDWORKS Electrical:

results of SW wipeout

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