Sheet Metal Corner Treatment

Article by James Swackhammer updated March 14, 2023


I learned a while back (the hard way I might add), that when it comes to sheet metal and manufacturing, to have the corners as closed/close as possible. This is necessary because it will reduce the amount of welding and fill needed. If time is money, then I wasted a lot of both when I first started designing. I want to show you a hidden in plain sight check box that can change the way you make parts.

Sheet Metal corner treatment

Sheet Metal corner treatment

Looking at this simple part, but more specifically concentrating on the corners and how closed/close they are. Now, this is thinking that the part is perfect before welding. Before this is bent, what does the flat pattern look like?

sheet metal - flat pattern

Sheet Metal Flat Pattern

This is my flat pattern with the Corner Treatment turned on. To edit the Corner Treatment, right mouse click on the flat pattern under the file folder Flat Pattern. Corner Options are the second set of options and there is only one check box to turn on or off.

corner treatment option

Corner treatment option

This is my flat pattern with the Corner Treatment off.

flat pattern with corner treatment off

Flat pattern with corner treatment off

I have copied a sketch from both flats to compare and ease of view. The pink sketch is the Corner Treatment off and the green is on. The Corner Treatment on has more of a 90° shape to it and now it has more material, where the pink sketch (CT off) has a sharp angled corner.

Corner treatment on vs off

Corner treatment on (green) vs off (pink)

There are two theories here, while yes, more material means less welding to fill. But, the less material with the sharper angles will tear the material less. This might have less distortion or bulge out in the corner too. Having the sheet metal Corner Treatment on or off may depend on your material, manufacturing machinery and processes.

For more tips and tricks about sheet metal please check out these great articles here and here.

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