SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Using Connection Labels with Terminals

Article by Jesse Deane updated May 10, 2023


While inserting multiple symbols for some component types is possible, it is not possible with SOLIDWORKS Electrical terminals. Therefore, a workaround is required if you would like to insert multiple symbols for a single-level terminal without making it a multi-level terminal. The solution to this issue is the use of connection labels in SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

terminal connection label

A new symbol can be created for this application, but just be sure to select “Connection Label” for the Symbol Type within the Properties menu. Since we are working with terminals, a good example would be to create a circular symbol. If you are placing the symbol on the end of a wire, one option would be to line the side of the circle up with the origin while creating the symbol for easy alignment after the symbol is inserted on the appropriate wire.

edit your symbol properties

Once the symbol has been created, it is time to insert the connection label. To do so, select “Connection label” under the Schematic tab, then “Insert a connection label for component…” From there, we can navigate to the correct terminal in the component tree.

Once we’ve inserted the connection label, we can open the symbol, and modify as we see fit. Attributes can be added to approximate the look of the existing inserted symbol for the terminal. In the example below, the component mark was used. To differentiate, the connection label is the symbol using a simple circle.

terminal test strip

While this creates a visual representation for the SOLIDWORKS Electrical terminal, it is important to note that it will not result in a wire connection point. This means that the “allow open-ended wires” option within the Wire management portion of the Electrical Project Configuration will need to be checked if a wire mark is needed.

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