SOLIDWORKS PDM Duplicates Warning

Article by Cody Foley updated April 19, 2024


In SOLIDWORKS PDM, the information a user receives when trying to add a duplicate file has been enhanced. When an attempt is made to add a file with a duplicate file name, a dialog box is displayed that identifies the file name, the location of the existing file, and the local file that is being added.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Duplicates File dialog

SOLIDWORKS PDM Duplicate File dialog

Clicking on the warning will generate a list of SOLIDWORKS PDM Duplicates, which are divided into two columns. The right column will display the files that are being added and the left column will show the existing files.

Duplicate file name list

Duplicate file name list

Clicking on a file from either column will open a vault view in a separate window so that the file can be renamed.

Duplicate file vault view

Duplicate file vault view

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