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John Landis

John Landis started with TriMech in 2006, bringing nearly 20 years of real-world engineering, design and manufacturing exposure. He has experience with chemical processing equipment, industrial kilns and design for close tolerance high precision machining. In addition to his expertise in SOLIDWORKS, he also is a 3D Printing Field Engineer.

Masterclass Part 5: SOLIDWORKS Fabrication

SOLIDWORKS Fabrication

In this Masterclass we cover SOLIDWORKS fabrication and how the manufacture of your design can take different forms during product development.


SOLIDWORKS’ Rib Feature’s Unique Options

rib example in solidworks

SOLIDWORKS’ Rib feature provides a powerful way to quickly create thin extruded features with a minimum of effort. Ribs are often overlooked when part modeling as most users use the traditional Extrude feature to create these types of structures. Let’s explore the utility and benefits…